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Hiring On What Level?

Matt Parry - RMC Consultant

Matt Parry

Experience versus Education

When taking on new staff a hiring manager may be faced with an age old challenge; does experience have preference over education or does the educational level carry more weight?

Both experience and education have significant value when it comes to recruitment. The scoring sheet for candidates should have an area to score for each. Yet suppose the panel is left with two candidates who are both very strong contenders but one is experienced though lacks relevant qualifications and the other has recent qualifications but is a newcomer to the field; which way should the panel lean?

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Improving Product Quality To Gain Market Share

Frances Cebalo - RMC consultant

Frances Cebalo

Total Quality Management

The recent world-wide recall of a new model of Toyota is a perfect example of how lack of emphasis on training since the global economic downturn has affected quality standards. The Toyota motor company was an early leader and cited example of Total Quality Management (TQM) systems. Now Toyota executives freely admit that the recent technical problems they have experienced stemmed entirely from a lack of training.

Toyota are now putting things right as a means to ensure they maintain the inroads they have made on the American and global car markets.

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