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Uncluttering the Clutter

Greg Umbers - RMC Consultant

Greg Umbers

With the exponentially growing amount of information hitting our desks, both in paper and electronic form, it is vital that we learn efficient ways to deal with it all.

One of the leading time-wasting sins many of us commit is to reread incoming material several times over an extended period before it is dealt with.

An effective way to reduce the mound of paper in our in-tray is to stop being precious about its contents. For many of us, childhood visits to the library have instilled a reverence for books and magazines (or at least fear of parental rage on discovering pictures of Goofy scrawled over loaned copied of National Geographic).

Fear not – arm yourself with a biro and a highlight marker and go to war!

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Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director

Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director