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Correct Columns

Greg Umbers - RMC Consultant

Greg Umbers

Have you ever struggled vertically lining up entries in a Word Processor document? Does thinking about columns lead to visions of army regiments and long cues to Rolling Stones concerts? Fear not, a solution is at hand…

How do you place text or numbers into columns?

For many of us we instinctively reach for the spacebar and pad out each item so that they line up into columns. Why is this a bad idea?

For starters, it’s laborious and time consuming. What if we want to move a column along a bit, or change the spacing between columns? That’s a lot of deleting and inserting spaces.

In the old days, using spaces or a single fixed tab on a (non-electronic) type writer did not present problems, because:

a)    You did not have any other choice

b)    All characters had the same width

Boosting your IT skills will lead to immediate increases in your business productivity

Nowadays there exists a myriad of fonts, and only certain ones will come installed with a particular operating system. Somebody else reading your document on another computer will not necessarily have the same font that the document was written in. Their software will substitute the font for the nearest matching font on their computer, but this new font may have a different character width which will result in a lot of crooked columns.
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Teams that Dream Make Dream Teams

Greg Umbers - RMC Consultant

Greg Umbers

Teams that are committed and who share common goals will more often than not demonstrate greater productivity than a group of disparate individuals who simply blithely follow the leader or ‘watch the clock’.

So what makes dynamic teams tick?

Whenever a bunch of people get together to work collaboratively, there will always be a stormy period where individuals are unsure of their roles and are ‘sussing each other out’.

This is where good interpersonal skills, a supportive atmosphere and the ability to communicate, especially to listen to each other, are invaluable. Members of the team should be capable of giving feedback constructively and viewing constructive feedback as an opportunity to learn.

Criticise ideas, not people!

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