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Rugby World Cup and your Workplace

Mid way through the biggest rugby tournament on the planet, how is your workplace coping with extra visitors and staff disruptions?

Original leather rugby ballWith all the rugby matches and related activities, is everyone clear about the possible extra workloads imposed from staff “rugby commitments” and increasing numbers of potential customers up to and just after the RWC Final on Sunday 23 October?

During these few special weeks it is vital that lines of communication are open and clear. Having an appropriate policy and procedures in place ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them.

Employment agreements are the foundation of all employment relationships and employers and employees should first look to these for rules around leave and the management of problems.

It is likely that staff will be taking annual leave and unpaid leave and even “sick leave” during this period, and given that employees will be planning to go to games or possibly acting as rugby volunteers, it is important that management is clear about employment rules and regulations, while being as understanding as possible to prevent misunderstandings and conflict. Having flexible working hours can help in this situation.

While losing staff to volunteer work can be inconvenient, consider it as opportunity for them to develop their skills while increasing your business profile. Also, you should also check what your policy is on watching games on the internet / television or listening to the radio during work hours. Show a little ‘give-and-take’ in this regard; increased employee satisfaction leads to better productivity!

Consider taking our full day course on The Human Resource Life Cycle or half day course on Resolving Tricky Employment Problems to learn more about employment relations regulations.

Be flexible, honest and fair when altering staff breaks around important matches, and the way you respond (both positively and negatively) to requests for time off. You can pick up many tips and techniques about how to relate assertively with your staff over these issues by attending our half day Communication and Assertiveness course.

As an employee make sure you plan leave in advance and by negotiation with your employer, and organise your work schedule where possible so that your employer and other employees are clear about when you will and won’t be at work. Our half day Time and Stress Management course can help you and your colleagues to prioritise and plan your tasks around RWC events.

During the excitement immediately before, during, and especially in a celebratory mood after matches it can be all too easy for staff to be inattentive at work, and this can easily lead to work place accidents. Staff should be extra vigilant, not just when operating dangerous machinery, but also when adhering to standard safety and security procedures.

This would be a good time to review your Health and Safety procedures and familiarise all of your staff with it.

You can learn more about procedures, policies and other aspects of occupational Health and Safety by attending our Health and Safety Representative training which comes in 4 modules of half a day each.

In summary, with all employees and employers acting in good faith and giving each other a little extra leeway during the Rugby World Cup, a good time should be had by all (as long as the All Blacks don’t lose the final!)


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Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director

Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director