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Building Confidence in Others

Confidence Begets Confidence

Have you ever worked in or led teams that lack confidence? They tend to doubt their abilities, not committing fully to any particular course of action for fear of failure, and are thus held back from reaching their full potential.
External factors aside, the individuals within these teams often exhibit one or more of the following characteristics. They:

  •   Don’t perform well in new situations.
  •   Have low self esteem.
  •   May doubt that they’ll make the right decisions when given autonomy.
  •   Put any achievements down to luck rather than their own efforts.
  •   Rarely trust their own judgement.
  •   See more risks than opportunities.

They will often have negative thoughts such as ‘I’m not smart enough to achieve that’, reinforcing their belief that they’ll never be good enough to succeed.

When teams lack confidence, there is often a need for constant reinforcement, and an over dependence on one or two key individuals, usually managers.

In this situation, they can benefit by being encouraged to take on small, achievable projects so that they can learn how to be independent. This is achieved through a manager’s willingness to delegate, and to trust their team members’ abilities to achieve certain tasks on their own, even if their methods do not align with their leader’s.

How to instil confidence

A confident employeeMost ‘winning’ teams, be they on the sports field or in the world of business, have team players who make good decisions, and who work together seamlessly. Of course, winning on the sports field or completing tasks and projects successfully creates a level of self-assurance that increases the chances of ‘winning’ in the future, feeding a reinforcing spiral of positivity, if you will.

Good decision making can be built up through encouraging learning, and by providing plenty of opportunities for additional training. Individuals with this ability tend to have a stronger skill set, which allows them to achieve their tasks at hand. These skills, and a sufficient degree of relevant knowledge, are especially useful when approaching challenging projects.

Another method of instilling confidence in a team is to set clear goals for every member of that team, and then help them achieve those goals. Goals define success, and give people an objective to aim for. Without them, work can be ineffective and unproductive. When these goals are achieved successfully, they should be rewarded and celebrated.

Confidence can be built up not just from a team leader, but from within a team by its colleagues. Even a boss can be given a confidence boost!

Teams must also be allowed the autonomy to make their own decisions; they then start to take ownership of their work, and feel self-empowered when they succeed.

Focus on individuals

Identify individuals within a group who lack confidence. Get them to write down tasks that make them feel confident and those that don’t, and the reasons why. Using this information, you can determine what knowledge and skill gaps need to be addressed, and what tasks you can feed them that will boost their confidence while they are gaining the tools to handle tasks that they are less sure of.

Raising the confidence levels of team members means that they:

  • Are more comfortable taking risks, which can benefit their career and their team’s success.
  • Are more productive and effective.
  • Can achieve their life goals.
  • Can raise the morale of their entire group.

So, for a well rounded confident team, use as many of the aforementioned techniques as possible, and start the wheel of success rolling.

To learn more about building confident teams and individuals, take a look at the following courses that we provide:

Terrific Teams, Effective Leadership, The Effective Manager, Communication and Assertiveness

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Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director

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