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Recruitment – Candidate Suitability

Notes for employers…

How can you ensure a good line up between your needs and the skills and attributes of the preferred candidate for the role that you have available in your organisation? This is a question that we are asked often and here are a few insights.

There are numerous personality and related tests out there but really it comes down to a line up of orientations. There are possibly two main aspects that you need to give credence to and plan for.

Firstly, look at job design and related specification. What are the main aspects of the role and what do you want delivered as a priority? Will this need some-one with a goal driven focus or more of a social bent, for instance? What about people with a power orientation… is there a lot of delegation to be done, because power oriented people tend to be good at that.

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Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director

Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director