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Notes for employers…

How can you ensure a good line up between your needs and the skills and attributes of the preferred candidate for the role that you have available in your organisation? This is a question that we are asked often and here are a few insights.

There are numerous personality and related tests out there but really it comes down to a line up of orientations. There are possibly two main aspects that you need to give credence to and plan for.

Firstly, look at job design and related specification. What are the main aspects of the role and what do you want delivered as a priority? Will this need some-one with a goal driven focus or more of a social bent, for instance? What about people with a power orientation… is there a lot of delegation to be done, because power oriented people tend to be good at that.

In specifying the skills needed make sure that the skills and attributes asked for are able to be related to the type of work… if you are in a goal-driven phase, for instance,  make sure that you ask for “enthusiasm for achieving the big goals” as a requirement. You probably need a goal driven individual.

When you are marking candidates you may want to “weight” the special attributes that you are seeking. This simply means that you are going to make more points available to key elements.

Secondly, what about the preferred candidate? This is where there needs to be a link-up between the job needs, the job paperwork and the skills and orientations of the preferred candidate. It is important that the motivational profile of the individual is discovered and considered appropriately.

Goal driven

Goal driven people tend to be hard working, reach for the stars and like to be given harder and harder goals. 10% of the population fall into this category and they are easy to spot. They don’t mind sole charge and they can be great leaders although they often have to work on the EQ side.

Power driven

These people are often great leaders as they understand the twin arts of delegation and motivation. They tend to be motivated by material things and so the management of them is different to goal driven people.

Socially driven

These are the “helpers” who have a strong team orientation. They don’t always seek leadership roles as their drive can be to be a part of a team rather than necessarily heading it. Their motivation tends to come from team success.

The profiles give a guide only as many roles need to have hybrids. Maybe 60% goal driven and 40% socially driven in a particular case. So know your job content, know the profile you are seeking and do an assessment of the candidate to ensure a match-up. We are here to help when you need us.

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Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director

Jeanette Richardson - Managing Director

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